i'm so blessed with this brother..

i'm so blessed with this brother..

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Child soldier's around the world. Map recorded 2000-2001
Did anyone ever realise it was this bad?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Haven't been on my blogg for ages!
life's been pretty hectic im thinking i should start sending my mail to jordie's house cus you can proberly find me there more then my own home. Church in these past 6-7 weeks has been incredible! ive walked away from each service with something that has changed my perception of the world. The biggest thing thats hit me and my thinking has been the realization of how much the people you surround yourself with impact your identity and character. no one likes to addmitt that their at fault in some way but i know that im a completely different person depending on who im with. it's a challenge im gunna try and overcome.

My uncle Bill was in Indonesia when the tsunami hit. he was staying in the hotel that was on the news and when it came on the screen it was nothing more then a pile of rubble. Through the grace of jesus he wasnt in the hotel when it collapsed. he was staying there the night before the tsunami/earthquake hit and for some reason he just wanted to go out an stay on his boat he next night. when he was out at sea the anchor chain started the rattle and jolting around. he was like WHAT THA!!?? (cus he didnt no it was the Tsunami) and then when he looked up the island was moving.. it was the earthquake.. pretty scary stuff seeing as he was ment to be in the thick of it.
There is no limit on grace.

Sarah Owen im gunaa miss you so much! have an amazing time babyy il be thinking an praying for you always. You've been so much fun to be around it sucks that just as we started to become close you have to go! :( We'll stay in contact for sure i love you heaps! stay safe

Im in year 12 :O.. pretty excited cant wait to go to Bible collage, travel the world and get married :P

any one needs anything prayed for let me know!!

have great holidays everyone :)