i'm so blessed with this brother..

i'm so blessed with this brother..

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

'Your reward for trusting Him will be the salvations of your souls'- 1 Peter 1;9

Uganda 11th of December 2010 to the 22nd of January 2011
I always knew I was blessed and everyone always says how lucky we are but you get an entirely different picture when you physically experience the real world. The world we live in, is fantasy. 80% of humanity today lives on less then %10 a day. What we have, is a dream, a fantasy world a majority of our world can only imagine.

25th December
We arrived in Kampala the capital of Uganda

26th December
12 hours bus trip across the country to Koboko. While we were sitting on the bus we stopped so Angie and Ben could get money out a disabled man can up to bus begging for money. We all sat silently trying to ignore him. I'll always wonder if I could have done anything to help him. His body was so disfigured.... I'll never forget it. He walked around the bus for about 15mins before walking away yelling something in another language. Im pretty sure it would have been something like selfish rich white people.

27th December
Prayed for the Witch Doctors in the town.

28th December
Made friends with the Africans and started digging trenches so we could lay the foundations of the AIDS Orphans and Street Children Rescue unit. Stayed up late singing Hosanna with Kyle and Nathan.

29th December
We worked

30th December
I built a wall with an Africa girl whose name was Zoe-ella. She was one of 11 children and the 3rd oldest. We worked out that she actually went to Ethiopia with my cousin Jake in 2007 on another team. I asked her if she had ever seen Nelson Mandela. She replied that she had never heard of him. How could the children of such an oppressed nation not know its biggest Liberator?
I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. She said a Lawyer. In the wet tar of the wall we built she wrote this:

31st December
We worked. I remember exactly what I was doing when it was midnight in Australia (NSW)...moving a massive pile of dirt.
Happy New Year :D

1st of January
Went to church. An African Man stood up in the service and openly thanked God for the new year, even though he had just found out he was HIV positive. Daniel Walters brought and awesome word. Joshua 1;9
I prayed for 2 women who asked God into their hearts. One was holding her baby crying her eyes out saying he was sick and didn't have long to live.
We did some evangelising in the afternoon and went around to the peoples little huts and farms. I prayed for a schizophrenic lady, most had HIV.

2nd January
Walked an hour to church. The church was HUGE! We sung and performed the play 'Everything' by Lifehouse and went to the Sunday school. Afterwards we went to the Koboko Health Clinic. We spilt up into groups and moved throughout the hospital praying for people and telling them about Jesus. Many were open to it. Walked past the people (some lying on beds, the others on the ground) dying. The drips that go into people arms to administer drugs were sticky taped to the dirty window sills. There was simply nothing and it was the one place that desperately needed anything. Not even mattresses on the beds, if you needed a bed you had to bring your own and rely on your family to care for you because there was no nurses to look after you. I'll never forget what I saw that day.